GenCon Bundle Operation Wildfire + Advance Pack + Valkyrie - Infinity the Game

The new tow Players Startbox Operation Wildfiret for Infinity the Game by Corvus Belli with the new Designs for the Shasvastii and the new Faction O-12

Corvus Belli
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“In order to get the secrets hidden in the databases of the Sálvora Governmental Complex, the insidious Shasvastii have set a wildfire in the surrounding forest. While the flames threaten to devour the entire complex, the brave O-12 troopers must fight off the alien forces and keep both the secrets and the civilians safe and sound, because their duty requires no less!”

With this Box Corvus Belli releases the new design for the Shasvatii of the Combined Army Faction and the complete new Faction O-12, already known from the Background since the first books, which is a kind of UN of the Infinity Universe.
And also a new type of terrain and accessories is inside this box with 3mm cardboard material.

Content Operation Wildfire:
            3x Kappa Troopers
            1x Delta Trooper
            1x Epsilon Trooper
            1x Gangbuster
            1x Gamma Unit, Operation: Wildfire Exclusive Figure
            3x Nox Troopers
            1x Mentor
            1x Caliban
            1x Shrouded
            1 Gwailo, Operation: Wildfire Exclusive Figure
   Pre-Order Miniatur:
            1x Hippolyta

        Spielzubehör: Spielunterlage, 3x O-12 Würfel, 3x Shasvastii Würfel, 1x Sálvora Governmental Gelände Pack, 2x Ruler, Marker und Schablonen, English-Spanisch Einleitungs-Regelheft.
Content Advance Pack Convention Early Release:
        1x Team Sirius (2 Miniatures)
        1x Shasvastii Airborne Infiltration Group Cadmus
GenCon Special Miniature:
        1x Valkyrie, Eltie Bodyguard - playable in Aristeia, Infintiy and Defiance

Material:  White Metal
Scale:     28-32 mm
Miniatures needs assembly and to be painted

Pre-Order-Time: 16.07. to 05.08.18
Estimated Release-Date: 31.08.2019

Infos for Pre-Order: We changed our pre-order process due the last issues with a two player-box-release for Infinity the Game. So we will place our pre-orders at the distributor on a weekly base and send you a mail when this is placed and in which order charge your order is placed, to have a more transparent process from the beginning. And of course you'll get an update mail when Pre-Order is closed and any news about the release.

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