Mortal Gods - Core Boxed Set

Core boxed set for the miniature strategy game Mortal Gods

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Contents:    38 plastiv Victrix miniatures from the Ancients range with bases(16 mercenary hoplites, 8 unarmoured hoplites, 8 peltasts, 6 slingers), 163 cards, Mortal Gods rules with 2 reference sheets, 43 activation markers (20 white, 20 black, 3 red), 2 measuring sticks, 10 Mortal Gods dice, 15 damage dice, 1 regular six-sided die.
Scale:         28mm

In Mortal Gods, the new miniature game from the team behind Test of Honour and Gangs of Rome, you and your opponent lead a small force of ancient Greek warriors, called a Lochos, into battles recounted in myth and legend. The core boxed set provides you and an opponent with balanced Lochoi, and all the rules, cards, dice and other stuff you will need.

The highly detailed plastic miniatures from manufacturer Victrix come in sprues, offering countless spare parts and variations to really customize your hoplites and peltasts. Assembly is required, and you will need glue and tools (e.g. polystyrene cement and/or superglue, as well as clipping tools or a hobby knife to removed the parts from their sprues). Miniatures supplied unpainted.

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