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Infinity The Game N3 is a SciFi tabletop wargame from Spanish manufacturer Corvus Belli, featuring a range of amazing filigree 28-32mm miniatures. Dive headlong into the high-tech near future of the Human Sphere, leading a team of specialist agents on exciting missions. Infinity simulates simultaneous action through an ingenious twist in its rules – in Infinity, it’s always “your” turn! Smart resource management, realistic battlegrounds with high terrain density, and the need to adjust your plan on the fly, all this turns every single game into a tactical challenge. The highly detailed, unusually filigree metal miniatures are already prized staples for painters, collectors and gamers alike.

What is Infinity?

Name of the Game:
Infinity the Game
Corvus Belli (Spain)
SciFi tabletop miniature wargame (seasoned with Cyberpunk)
28-32mm (white metal miniatures)
Available Languages:
German, English (initial release in Spanish)
3rd Edition (hence titled N3)

What kind of setting does infinity use?

In the near future of the late 22nd century AD
The planets and ships of the Human Sphere (human colonies connected via wormholes utilizing spacecraft).
The human factions of PanOceania, YuJing, Haqqislam, Nomads, Ariadna, the synthetic ALEPH, the mixed Non Aligned Armies, and the rival alian factions of Tohaa & Combined Army.

In the not-so-far future humanity has colonised several interconnected star systems using wormholes. The benevolent AI Aleph and an overarching institution called the O12 secure a brittle state of peace between the large developed nations PanOceania, YuJing and Haqqislam, the less developed Ariadna colonists inhabiting the planet Dawn, several unaligned minor factions, and the Nomad nation, drifting across the Human Sphere on three huge spaceships. Covert Black-Ops campaigns, hacking and espionage make human cooperation across factions quite difficult when a new threat suddenly arrives in the shape of an Evolved Intelligence leading a Combined Army of multiple alien species, and the mysterious Tohaa.

Game Overview for Infinity:

Game Scale:
Skirmish game with usually 10 miniatures per team.
Gaming surface measuring 120cm (48 inches) square.
Dense 3D terrain with limited line of sight and lots of obstacles.
Game Length:
Varies (usually 1-3 hours), games usually last a set number of turns.
Core Mechanic:
Infinity uses a number of D20 (twenty-sided polyhedral dice)
Simultaneous game turns with alternating active and reactive player.
Resource management evolving around issuing orders to individual units.
Mission-based objectives.
Combat includes hand-to-hand fighting and ranged shooting, as well as hacking.
Army building using a balanced points system.
Rules Depth:
Things of Note:
The reactive order system (called ARO) lets each of your units respond directly to everything that happens in their line of sight or immediate proximity. You, the commander, decide which of your units are given orders, and how many of your orders are dedicated to a single miniature; theoretically you could dedicate an entire turn’s orders to directing a single miniature.
Note also:
Infinity’s basic rules are compact and simple, but a vast amount of special rules and the concept of simultaneous game turns with active and reactive player roles mean there’s a steep, but very rewarding learning curve. Your tactical skill is infinitely more important than the composition of units you select.

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