Historical Bolt Action


What is Bolt Action?

Name of the Game:
Bolt Action
Warlord Games (UK)
Historical Wargame (World War II)
28mm plastic and metal miniatures, some resin vehicles
Available Languages:
English, German (initial release in English)

What kind of setting does Bolt Action use?

The WWII era, from the 1930’s all through the 1940’s
All major theatres of WWII and the related conflicts of this era.
All historical participants of those conflicts.

Game Overview:

Game Scale:
Unit activation based skirmish wargame with a few dozen infantry models and/or a small number of vehicles un each side, but you could easily opt for much larger games. Miniatures are activated and moved as squads. Your gaming surface should be 48 inches square or larger, depending on what you want to depict. Terrain can be added in varying density.
Game Length:
A typical game lasts up to a few hours, either a set number of shared game turns or until certain objectives have been achieved.
Core Mechanic:
Bolt Action utilises six-sided dice both to randomize and resolve outcomes during gameplay, and to determine who gets to activate his or her units during the shared game turns. To achieve the latter, differently coloured dice are blindly drawn from a bag or cup to decide who gets to act. Bolt Action lends itself equally well to recreating historical scenarios, regular matches with balanced forces on both sides, and mission-based scenarios. Combat rules include troop combat on close or ranged distance, plus vehicle rules e.g. for using tanks. There’s also a balanced points system for army composition.
Rules Depth:
Beginner friendly.
Things of Note:
The apprehensible and quick to learn set of rules gives a good impression of the chaotic nature of modern skirmishes, aided by the blind drawing of the Activation Dice. Squad-based  unit activation makes even larger battles manageable in a reasonable time.


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