Model Color: Staining, Rust & Streaking (8)

Model Color: Staining, Rust & Streaking (8)

Acrylicos Vallejo
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The colors in this set have been selected to create the effects of weathering, of rust stains on metal surfaces, streaking and peeling in specific areas, of the wear caused by exposure; all these defined with subtle brush strokes and presented in a simple and detailed process. The step by step photographs guide the model painter to achieve the final satisfying, straightforwards results.


3 Bottles of Model Color in 17 ml
2 Bottles of Pancer Acer in 17 ml
2 Bottles of Model Air in 17 ml
1 Bottle of Model Wash in 17 ml
1 Step by step instruction by Scratchmod

In detail:

VA149 Chocolate Brown (872)
VA150 Ger.Black Brown (822)
VA131 Orange Brown
Panzer Aces 001 Light Red
Panzer Aces 002 Dark Rust
Model Air 71130 Orange Rust
Model Air 077 Wood
Model Wash 505 Light Rust

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