FAQ for Ordering Process

Shopping basket

Please set the right amount of items, payment-method and shipping-method at the shopping basket.

With one click on the Button point of sale" you start the order process.


If you are not already logged in, you have to do it now. Therefore please enter your mailaddress and your password.

Is this your first order at our webshop??

Then please just enter your mailadress and press „I am a new customer".

Billing address

Please enter your complete billing address. At this step you have to confirm our terms of sale Please read our terms of sale and confirm the checkbox.

Just if you are a new customer, you have to set a password.

Delivery address

Please enter your delivery address in this section, at which you want to receive the shipment. If the correct address not depostited, then please set a new delivery address here.

Direct debit

Only with the payment-method direct debit your bank account informations will be prompted. Please watch out for the correct notation of your bank account informations.

Order summary

With the last section you receive a summary of all entered data and all your items with the total payment.

With one click on the Button"Send Order" your order will be legally binding dispatched.

The sales contract is legally binding concluded by confirmation of the seller via mail.

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