Suchiro (monk metal)

Suchiro (monk metal)

GCT Studios
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Suchiro, is the embodiment of determination and persistence. With a goal or objective in his mind nothing can stop this quiet and thoughtful monk from reaching it. In battle he fights resolutely, anchoring the forces of the Temple and proving to be an unbreakable bastion for the defenders of Jwar. Many strive to understand the riddles of the Kami of Chikyu's Rock but this monk of the Temple of Ro-Kan has and in doing so brought the teaching to bear on those that would seek to upset the balance. Suchiro's wrath may not be quick but like the mountains and earth it is inevitable.
- one miniature
- one 30mm base
- one full colour profile card
Models supplied unassembled, unpainted and may require some trimming and cleaning before assembly.
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