Rise of the Kage Complete-Pack

Dive deep into the world of Rise of the Kage with the base game and the add-on "docks of ryu"

GCT Studios
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Rise of the Kage is a fast paced, tense and thrilling stealth board game for two to four players. The game features beautifully detailed 32mm miniatures and as you immerse yourself in the world of the Jwar isles you take on the role of stealthy ninja or stoic guards.
With the lands at the furthest reaches of the Golden Empire descending into chaos, the ruling clan led by the Takashi family face threats from every side, the last thing they need is the shadow of the ninja cast upon them. In a game the ninja players attempt to attain their secret aims whilst searching for items and equipment to help them achieve this. They must do this without raising the alarm and escape successfully with their lives. At the same time the guard player attempts to stop them at all costs, throwing all his resources into eliminating the vermin that attack from the shadows.
Base game contents:
- 41 models in 11 unique sculpts (6 types of Guards, and a guard dog, led by Kenta, the Samurai Lord and 3 ninja of the Shadow Wind Clan: Yuto, Shizuka and Katsumi)
- 1 double sided highly detailed board
- 4 player mats
- 15 dices
- 186 cards
- 16 doors and stands
- 146 tokens
- 1 rulebook
Docks of Ryu contents:
- 20 models in 7 sculpts (3 types of Guards let by Minato the Dock Master and 3 ninja of the Shadow Wind Clan: Kouhei, Rin and Ghost)
- 1 double sided game board
- 16 cards
- 4 player mats
Plastic miniatures supplied assembled but unpainted.

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